Be2Hub was established by a professional team sharing an ambitious challenge: set order in the “energy chaos” that today often marks Italian enterprises and the environment in which most of them operates.

With a combined strategic and tactical approach, Be2Hub allows companies and businesses to run real-time measurement and optimization of the energy they consume for all their manufacturing and management processes, by providing advanced smart metering technologies and services that cover all types of energy consumption: electricity, gas, water and heat. Besides, Be2Hub offers consulting and partnership programs to enterprises that need to identify and implement medium-to-long term plans to meet the ambitious targets set by the European Union for year 2020:

- 20% reduction of energy consumption

– 20% reduction of greenhouse gases

+ 17% increase of renewable energy generation (target set for Italy)

A real energy infrastructure “revolution” is necessary to reach these goals and a preliminary condition of this is the large-scale adoption of advanced smart metering systems, a crucially enabling technology capable of:

  • Allowing enterprises to easily and intuitively measure their energy consumption and to weigh their energy bills up with the challenges they need to face in order to keep market competitiveness
  • Delivering a more sustainable energy management and an increased security of energy supply
  • Contributing to the spread of technologies and best practices that reduce environmental impact while optimizing energy efficiency, such as smart grids

In the frame of the EU Energy Package, the Electricity Directive foresees full deployment of smart metering systems by 2022 at the latest, with 80% of consumers equipped with intelligent metering technologies by 2020.

Beside designing and integrating smart metering systems, Be2Hub is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Quallion’s technologies , the U.S. leading manufacturing company of primary and secondary Li-ion batteries for medical, automotive and aerospace applications.