Smartech Energy Management
Smart metering designed for efficiency and flexibility

Smartech is Be2Hub’s innovative system for measurement and optimization of energy consumption and of supply processes from renewables. Specifically designed for use in manufacturing and business environments, Smartech is a smart metering system capable to measure energy consumption of buildings, plants and commercial premises, in a real-time and extremely detailed mode.

Providing process information and data that are essential to businesses for a quick and automated identification of their own energy structure, Smartech is a strategic tool for analysis and engineering of structural changes, as well as for the adoption of any practice aimed at maximizing energy efficiency.

Smartech components are:

  • a network of wireless sensors for the detection and measurement of data related to physical quantities, such as electric power, luminous intensity, ambient room temperature and humidity
  • a datalogging device that files, processes and manages data collected by the sensors

Since data collection and processing are managed real-time, Smartech responsiveness to the energy needs of the system in which it is deployed is immediate and flexible, a feature that facilitates energy consumption optimization.

Consumption data are stored and analyzed graphically, to offer a more intuitive and faster analysis interpretation and to ease network operators’ activities on energy loads.
Users can plan the operations that need to be implemented through measurement data detected by the sensors and thanks to the customized software application residing on the datalogging platform: control algorithms and different strategies can thus be set, depending on the various operation needs.

Smartech also allows to simulate changes in processes, which is useful to evaluate different consumption scenarios in the monitored systems.

Furthermore, on the side of energy supply Smartech can be used to measure energy generated through renewable sources, particularly photovoltaic and solar thermal energy.

360° flexibility

In an energy market scenario where energy distribution needs to become more and more “intelligent” and flexible, Smartech supports utilities in offering supply contracts based on dynamic pricing models and consumers in optimizing their energy usage and cost-saving practices: Smartech can select the most competitive tariff for a specific time-slot and automatically switch to the energy utility that offers it.

Smartech can be integrated with any sensor type, either wireless and LAN, and can be adapted to perform detailed, real-time measurement of energy consumption in a wide range of different monitoring systems and environments.

Smartech “open” configuration offers maximum flexibility to enterprises and businesses that need to design the monitoring systems for their energy structure and, at the same time, it ensures high scalability for future systems: used in today’s smart metering projects of any size and complexity level, Smartech can support as well the development of tomorrow’s smart grids.

Built on wireless technology, Smartech does not require any cabling or construction work to be installed and it can be set up simply and quickly, with battery operation guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years.

Every component of Smartech technology has been designed to work in synergy, which maximizes system intelligence and delivers performance highest reliability.

Smartech system components

Datalogger - Technical features

puntatore 32-bit ARM® core
puntatore 256 KB Flash memory, 96 KB SRAM memory, 80 MHz frequency
Memory devices
puntatore 512 MBit SDRAM
puntatore 256 MBit NOR flash
puntatore 2 GBit NAND flash
puntatore SD card connector
puntatore USB Host connector for peripheral memory devices
TFT QVGA LCD with integrated resistive touchscreen
puntatore 262 K colors, 3.5" – 4.3" - 5.7" QVGA 320 x 240 pixels
puntatore White LED backlighting
Serial communications interfaces
puntatore USB 2.0 Host
puntatore 10/100 Ethernet
puntatore 1 MBPS Controller Area Network (CAN)
puntatore I2C for peripheral devices and sensors
puntatore UART with TTL signal level
puntatore 12-40 Vdc power supply
Codec for high-quality sound, 0.8 W audio amplifier for use with external speakers
Screw-tightened I2C connectors, CAN and power, for safe use in industrial environment
Compact size
Sensors - Technical features
Electric power
puntatore Voltage range 0 – 380 V
puntatore Current range 0 - 20A
puntatore Frequency range 45 – 65 Hz
Power and luminous intensity
puntatore tbd
puntatore range -25° C ~ + 150° C – precision ±0.5% RH
puntatore range 0 ~ 100% RH – precision ±3.5% RH
puntatore range 100 mm: precision ± 1 mm
puntatore range 10 mm: precision ± 0.5 mm